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I am a learner, and have studied many areas. I continue to study many areas. One of the best parts about working with intellectual property is that it forces me to understand the underlying concepts and value. Thus, I've learned quite a bit beyond my original fiields of engineering and computer science, as well as extended learing about bio-fuels, physiological monitoring, robotics, optics, medical devices, and many other areas.

But also, in serving as primary attorney for a varierty of business entities, I am forced to understand many aspects of law.  These include general business and corporate law, export law, contracts of all kinds, merger and acquisition, and international law. Because a client was acquired by a company with a strong U.K. presensce, I studied and became qualfied as a solicitor in England and Wales. Sometimes I need to be very proficient in the area, quickly. Certainly I need to know when to call in better resources.  As some have said, this kind of practice is like a law school exam every day. Things happen and they have to be handled.   

It all keeps my mind well excercised and challenged.  (I did not say that learning is always easy.)

I will learn and apply whatever is needed to serve my client. Somehow,  much of what I learn has been applicable in unexpected areas.


B.S. Electrical Engineering, The Ohio State University
Computer Engineering Option

M.S. (Computer Science), The Ohio State University
Operating Systems, Computer Architecture

J.D., Capital University Law School

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