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I started as an engineer, and engineering still drives my approach to things. Legal processes are remarkably suceptbile to systems engineering principles.  While an undergraduate engineering student, I was blessed to work at Rockwell International Missile Systems (Columbus, Ohio), designing electronic test equipment for missile systems. What I was lesarnig in school was applied to the real world. This lead to an interest in computers, both hardware and software.  Upon graduation, I became a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories (Columbus, Ohio), where I developed software for various aspects of the telephone system. Work at Bell Labs was also a blessing. They sponsored graduate school (M.S.)  and gave me time while providing an excellent professional experience. And, it gave me contact with corporate attorneys and patent attorneys, all of whom were engineers first.  I could see that the professions of engineering and law were compatible and complementary. It was while working at Bell Labs that I started law school, to the consternation of my managers.

Most recently, I served as primary corporate counsel at MindLeaders, Inc. (Dublin, Ohio, successor to MindLeaders.com, Inc. upon merger and acquisition in 2007), handling business-to-business transactions, corporate compliance, management of outside counsel, litigation, management of other attorneys, employer-employee matters, intellectual property matters, and post-merger matters. Concurrently I served as general counsel and in engineering management at STAN Solutions, LLC (Dayton, Ohio), a small defense contractor, through which I still holds security clearance ("SECRET") from the Department of Defense. Work at STAN Solutions included support of its business operations in the U.S. and Iraq, requiring knowledge of federal acquisition regulations, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Statement of Forces Agreement, and occasional coordination with Judge Advocate Generals officers based in Iraq.

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